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Laser hair removal prices

Package prices are buy 5 get the 6th free

At Eleven 11 Laser + Skincare, we sell single session for laser hair removal. That being said, you will always get a better deal by buying a package. Packages come with our flagship buy 5, get 1 free offer. Touch-up sessions are also offered at a discount but are only available to those who have purchased laser hair removal packages.



lips & chin



Arms | underarms


chest & abs

Laser hair removal prices at Eleven11 Laser + Skincare

Beautiful skin starts here.

Face | Neck hair removal

Face | minimal

Face | Partial

Face | Partial with Neck

Lip or Chin

Neck | Partial

Front OR Back

Neck | Full

Front and Back

Abdomen | Arm Hair Removal

Abdomen OR Chest

arms | full

Arms | half


Tummy Trail


Back | Buttocks Hair Removal

Back | full

back | partial


Bikini hair removal

Bikini Extended

Bikini | Brazilian / Manzilian

Legs hair removal

Hands or Feet

Legs | Full

Legs | Partial

Touch-ups + Other

Laser Hair Removal Touch-ups

Please note that a touch-up is not a full treatment and is for clients who have purchased packages.

Shaving for Laser Hair Reduction Procedures

Please note this is not a full treatment and is for clients who have purchased packages.

laser hair removal denver underarms


Legally, laser hair removal is categorized as hair reduction. This is due to the nature that new hair follicles may be created by the body over time. For some, this is never the case but it order to stay compliant and avoid false legal issues the entire industry abides by this mainstay. That being said, the laser is designed to destroy hair follicles and many of your hairs, as you will see after only one session will not grow back. Again, this is not to say new follicles will not naturally grow back in the future.

Prepare for your laser HAIR REMOVAL service in denver:

Laser hair removal gets you that silky skin without having to yell “Kelly Clarkson.” Plus, laser is quick and clean and leaves you with less sensitivity. Most treatment sessions are between 5 (smaller areas like underarm or minimal face) and 20 minutes for larger areas (back, full leg, etc.) If you want hair gone, we’re your go to! We have the tools and the experience to make it gone!

The day of your service:

Your service Aftercare:


It depends on how much of the body you cover. Generally, each half of the body, depending on the size of the client takes about 30 minutes. We are usually able to a do a full body treatment in about 1 hour.

We would like to book sessions for clients about once every 30 days.

Yes, it is recommended you do not go sun tanning a week before and after your treatment. When in the sun, please use sunscreen and avoid exposure as much as possible. 

Shopping around for Laser Hair Removal can be a difficult task.  Between your budget and other factors, not everyone is a good fit for the laser hair removal service. 

As far as the machines go, most clinics have the latest FDA approved machinery. The differences between machines usually varies along the coolant systems that aid the laser in removing the hair follicle. At Eleven 11 Laser + Skincare, we chose the Quanta Light Evo because we felt it had superior results and was also the safest and pain free laser available on the market.

Great question!  Everyone’s pain threshold differs. In addition, there are other parts of the body that are more sensitive than others. From our experience at our clinic using the Quanta Light EVO, the sensation of the laser responsible for hair removal is described as anywhere from a tickle to a slight prick. Some parts of your body will feel no sensation at all. Relatively speaking, laser hair removal process is much softer than IPL photo facials which can get a bit spicey.

Again, this differs from person to person. We recommend about 6-8 sessions per area. That being said, we’ve had many clients say they see a huge difference after just 1 session. What you may witness is that when the hair grows back you’ll have patches and areas where no hair grows back at all. When this happens, you will see that those gaps are areas where the follicle has been destroyed. It’s working! you are now one step closer to being hair free!

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