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IPL Photofacial Denver (Intense Pulsed Light Therapy)

what is ipl?

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, otherwise known as IPL or a ‘photofacial‘ is a modality we use at Eleven11 spa. IPL is meant to help with specific skin deficiencies and imperfections.  Using IPL effectively is a great way to improve appearance of the skin without surgery.

what is a photofacial?

APhotofacial is a skin therapy that can minimize the visibility of damage and help you appear younger. It involves the use of advanced technology that emits intense pulsed light, also known as IPL therapy or photo facial, to promote firmer, smoother, and more even-toned skin.

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How Does Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) work?

IPL uses light energy in order to target imperfections on the skin. When the skin is heated, an exfoliation process begins to take place. This means that your body is getting rid of unwanted skin cells! IPL is different than laser treatments because it send out more than one wavelength of pulsating light. In addition, since the light doesn’t injure the tissue in anyway, recovery is faster than other facial treatments. 

Intense pulsed light therapy in Rino Denver | Hyperpigmentation skin treatments

IPL With RF (Radio Frequency)

Full Face or Neck or Décolleté (Arms + other body parts priced via consultation)

Provides state of the art skin rejuvenation; reduces pigmented lesions such as solar lentigines, age spots, freckles; reduces vascular lesions such as telangiectasia, angiomas, red acne scars, and spider veins, skin tightening, softens and smooths skin, reduces fine lines and pores and lightens Rosacea.

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sublative rf rino denver

Sublative RF (Radio Frequency)


Non-ablative fractional resurfacing for acne scars and wrinkles improves deep pigment and textural lesions and improves overall skin tone and appearance.

eMatrix Plus

Photofacial (IPL) combined with Fractional Resurfacing (Sublative). 

ematrix plus with IPL denver

IPL Photofacial Denver


IPL Photofacial Denver

ipl frequently asked questions

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy is a cosmetic treatment that uses pulses of high-intensity light to improve the appearance of skin. The treatment is commonly used for a variety of skin concerns, including sun damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, and broken capillaries.

IPL therapy works by delivering bursts of high-intensity light energy into the skin. The light energy is absorbed by pigmented cells, which are then broken down and naturally eliminated from the body. The light energy also stimulates collagen production, which can help to improve the overall appearance of skin.

IPL therapy is generally considered to be safe when performed by a trained and experienced practitioner. However, as with any cosmetic treatment, there is always a risk of side effects, including redness, swelling, and blistering. It’s important to discuss any concerns you may have with your practitioner before undergoing IPL therapy.

The number of IPL treatments required will vary depending on the individual and their skin concerns. Some people may see results after just one treatment, while others may require several treatments to achieve their desired results. Your practitioner will be able to provide a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs.

The length of an IPL treatment will vary depending on the area being treated. A full-face treatment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, while smaller areas, such as the hands or neck, may only take a few minutes.

After an IPL treatment, you may experience some redness and swelling in the treated area, which should resolve within a few hours to a few days. You should also avoid sun exposure and use a high-SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from further damage.

IPL therapy is not suitable for all skin types and may not be safe for people with very dark skin tones. Your practitioner will be able to advise you on whether IPL therapy is a suitable option for you based on your skin type and the concerns you want to address. Please read our blog post about the Fitzpatrick Scale to learn more about skin types :).

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IPL Photofacial Denver

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