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Body Waxing Vs Laser Hair Removal

body waxing vs laser hair removal in denver

which denver hair removal service is best for you?

body waxing vs laser hair removal in denver

Thinking about a more permanent hair removal option? Laser treatment is an increasingly popular choice, but what should you consider when looking at the cost and experience of body waxing versus laser options? Check out our comparison to help decide which route works best for your lifestyle.

denver body waxing vs laser hair removal
cost of body waxing denver vs laser hair rmeoval

cost of body waxing

A cost analysis shows that Brazilian body waxing can be an expensive but worthwhile beauty routine. On average, it costs about $550-$600 per year for an annual package; however, many clinics offer specials such as buy 6 get 1 free or even a yearly unlimited package at around $685. Waxers visit the clinic every 3-4 weeks depending on their individual needs with additional touch ups here and there to ensure they stay smooth all year round!

What we have seen with clients that have tried Body Wax service is that 80-90% of our clients, that’s about 8 or 9 out of every 10 people who have tried body waxing at a nearby hair removal clinic move into laser hair removal.  Most usually buy a package of 6 session. That being said you may or may not have to do a touch up visit just but this depends on the person.

body waxing vs laser hair removal PROCESS

Laser hair removal offers an effective, safe and fast solution for removing unwanted body or facial hair. Our clinic proudly possesses state-of-the art Quanta Light EVO technology that can not only quickly remove a full Brazilian bikini area in 15 to 20 minutes – far faster than waxing – but it can also do so without irritating the skin nor causing ingrown hairs like traditional methods might. As Dr Ariel Ostad, a NYC dermatologist stated: “It causes no damage to dermis; even those with sensitive skins are suitable candidates” – all this adding up to one thing: NO PAIN!

Investing in laser hair removal technology is a commitment – one we take seriously, which our customers can attest to. But not all solutions are born equal: Candela’s Gentle Max Pro has been popular with Denver clinics even though its dated tech poses some questions about efficacy and durability. To that end, seniors ervices prioritize avoiding this machine at any cost instead recommending competitors like Body Details or Ideal Image; both of whom use the same equipment but offer misleading ‘lifetime guarantees’ for unjust prices. Later on, we’ll be sure to discuss more disadvantages associated with these machines should you ever find yourself considering them as an option for your needs.

what is better waxing or laser hair removal in denver?
best laser hair removal verdict vs body waxing hair

verdict: body waxing vs laser hair removal

Making the decision for permanent laser hair removal is a no-brainer. Our Miami clinic has an annual cost comparable to traditional treatments but with fewer appointments needed, minimal irritation and ongoing savings of time and money over years. We even offer special 3-pack packages for repeat customers that need extra sessions beyond the initial 6 session package – allowing clients to enjoy additional value at only $330 after their purchase!


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